Earlier this year I started my own business: Kenny Consulting Group. It’s been an incredible experience. One aspect that I did not anticipate was how much it would change me.

When working full time for other people, I always held back sharing much about myself, at least the important parts about myself. For fear of getting in trouble, saying the wrong thing, or just not liking how I’m perceived by others. There were a lot of things I held back on, or failed to attend to during that previous period of my life. It was time for something new.

Things got off to a simple start, with a humble desk:

Actually my first desk was my kitchen table. But this is the second version of my desk that features some fancy new gear from Micro Center.

Since starting the business, I’ve progressively been challenging myself in new ways. I’ve changed my nutrition and exercise, my wardrobe, sleep habits, and most importantly I’ve put a lot of time into changing my mindset. Changing how I think about myself and what I’m capable of.

Most of my discussion about these changes has been internal, or reserved for close friends and family. I’ll post some things on Twitter every once in a while, but Twitter is ephemeral and things get lost in the noise. That’s going to change with this blog post.

I’ve been learning so much every day and my life has improved in ways far beyond what I thought was possible. I want to share what I’m working on, in case it helps other people. I want to use social commitment by talking about things publicly to stay on track. And if nothing else, I’m hoping that writing things out will help me process and move forward.

It’s time for me to start putting myself out there.