harris-kenny_headshotHello! My name is Harris Kenny and this is my website. This is a place for me to put things related to my professional and personal interests on the internet. I believe in the transformative potential of open source technology and culture, and I am fortunate to work and contribute in this space.

Professionally, I am the Director of Business Development at System76, maker of Linux computers and Pop!_OS. I previously worked as an executive of a 3D printer company and have nearly a decade of experience in sales and marketing roles in technology and management consulting, managing teams of over thirty people. I’ve spoken at conferences like Open Hardware Summit and appeared in the media in places like National Public Radio and the Wall Street Journal.

Outside of my work at System76, I serve as the Board Treasurer for the Open Source Hardware Association (OSHWA) and I enjoy contributing to public data projects like Wikipedia and Open Street Map. I occasionally take on advisory side projects with startups, technology companies, and open source projects. Contact me if you have a project that might be a good fit.

In school, I earned an MBA from the University of Denver Daniels College of Business and BA in Economics from Pepperdine University.

This is my personal website. Views expressed here are my own.