The last time I considered this site’s design it was just a placeholder for basic information about me on the Internet. Since then I’ve started working on a few projects and I’m planning on blogging, so it’s time for a refresh.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Theme: Chose the Libre 2 Theme by Automattic (the company behind WordPress).
  • Dark Color Scheme: Light-on-dark is easier on the eyes, consumes less battery, plus I just like it more.
  • Spanish: Started translating parts of into Spanish and will be doing more of that as I work on improving my Spanish.
  • Consolidated Navigation: Simplified navigation and moved from tabbed, left-column sidebar to simple top-bar.
  • Updated Footer: Added blog subscription and copyright/license information to the footer so they’re viewable across the site.

If you have any thoughts on the new design — in particular if there are ways to improve accessibility — I’d appreciate your feedback.