Ready to start something new? I co-host two business growth podcasts. One called Hello Blink Show with my friend Shawn Hymel. The other called Pipeline Meeting, hosted by me with updates on running sales for your business and updates on Intro CRM.

Hello Blink Show

Every episode has tips for people want to start—or already run—their own business. We explore: banking, B2B sales, content marketing, and more. And we’re joined by remarkable guests who have done it before. Listen below, by searching in your podcast player, or by visiting Hello Blink Show.

This is the practical podcast for technical people. We cover topics involving business, sales, and marketing with the engineer and developer in mind. If you've been wanting to jump from your corporate job to start your own business or sell your invention on the side, this is the show for you.
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  2. 27: State of the Show
  3. 26: Marketing and Sales: Friends or Foes?
  4. 25: Using No-Code Apps to Get to Market Faster with Lola Ojabowale
  5. 24: Avoiding Technology and IP Clause Lawsuits with Mark Tyson

Pipeline Meeting

If you feel alone managing your business’ sales pipeline… Welcome! Consider this your invitation to join Harris Kenny for a regular sales Pipeline Meeting. We will discuss finding new business and pricing. Things like getting ghosted. Winning proposals, new technology, and a lot more. Brought to you by Intro CRM.

Listen below, by searching in your podcast player, or by visiting Pipeline Meeting.

Do grants count as sales? Pipeline Meeting

Intro CRM alpha testing is coming to a close—hear about a special offer for alpha testers, the latest updates, and when the project is moving into beta. Plus, do grants count as sales? Harris recently learned of one and is applying for it. Should you consider the same?
  1. Do grants count as sales?
  2. Should you sell to people you know?
  3. Personal News
  4. Who are they?
  5. Who are you?