Ready to start something new? I co-host two business growth podcasts. One called Hello Blink Show with my friend Shawn Hymel. The other called Pipeline Meeting, hosted by me with updates on running sales for your business and updates on Intro CRM.

Hello Blink Show

Every episode has tips for people want to start—or already run—their own business. We explore: banking, B2B sales, content marketing, and more. And we’re joined by remarkable guests who have done it before. Listen below, by searching in your podcast player, or by visiting Hello Blink Show.

How to Run a Successful Livestream with Alessandro and Robert Hello Blink Show

In this episode, we talk to Alessandro Grande and Robert Wolff, who run the Arm Innovation Coffee livestream on YouTube (which you can check out here). They tell the story about how they joined forces about a year ago to create a weekly interview video series during the pandemic.Alessandro and Robert use StreamYard to help manage the livestream, including green (waiting) rooms for guests, overlays, and live comment pop-ups. They also use Open Broadcaster Software Studio (OBS Studio) to stream their own personal feeds into StreamYard to manage multiple cameras and other overlays.Livestreams are great for making connections with audiences where people can chat and ask live questions. They offer a different form of engagement rather than a video or podcast where audience members are expected to passively watch/listen to the presenters. This helps humanize a brand by allowing customers (or potential customers) to interact directly with the presenters and each other.Developer evangelists (advocates, etc.) should consider adding livestreaming to their toolbox as a way to interact with customers and audiences.The new form of voice-only hangouts (e.g. Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces) offers something similar to livestreaming, but seems to lack many feedback features available on other platforms, such as the ability for audience members to type something into a chatbox. Robert talks about how to measure success with livestreams, which can be different than many common business metrics. These measurements include brand awareness and engagement compared to the amount of time to prepare and create the livestream (i.e. the return on investment). Alessandro mentions that a livestream should offer something to the audience to keep them engaged. SponsorWe want to thank Twilio for sponsoring this episode! Twilio is a cloud platform that helps developers automate phone calls, text messages, and other communications through their web API. Check out twilio.com/go/helloblink for more information about using Twilio for automated messaging and IOT applications. List of ResourcesArm Innovation Coffee LivestreamStreamYardOpen Broadcaster Software Studio (OBS Studio) Guest InformationAt the time of this episode’s release, Alessandro Grande has left Arm and taken a new position as Director of Technology at Edge Impulse.  Robert Wolff is an Ecosystem Developer Evangelist Manager at Arm. Guest Contact InformationLinkedIn – Alessandro GrandeLinkedIn – Robert WolffTwitter – Alessandro GrandeTwitter – Robert Wolff Host Contact Informationshawnhymel.comkennyconsultinggroup.comLinkedIn – Shawn HymelLinkedIn – Harris KennyTwitter – Shawn HymelTwitter – Harris Kenny License Information“Hello Blink Show” by Kenny Consulting Group, LLC and Skal Risa, LLC is licensed under CC BY 4.0Intro and outro song is “Routine” by Amine Maxwell is licensed under CC BY 3.0
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Pipeline Meeting

If you feel alone managing your business’ sales pipeline… Welcome! Consider this your invitation to join Harris Kenny for a regular sales Pipeline Meeting. We will discuss finding new business and pricing. Things like getting ghosted. Winning proposals, new technology, and a lot more. Brought to you by Intro CRM.

Listen below, by searching in your podcast player, or by visiting Pipeline Meeting.

Our New Customer Onboarding Process Pipeline Meeting

As we bring new customers onboard at Intro CRM, we were thinking about the best way to do it. Along came Arrows, a tool that elevates the customer onboarding process. In this episode, we talk through who needs to think about onboarding, what constitutes a good customer onboarding process, and three things we like about Arrows. Plus, an unexpected use case. Read the episode transcript here.On the Intro CRM YouTube channel: Customer Onboarding Process Demo of Arrows →On the Intro CRM blog: Your customer onboarding process with Arrows →Learn more: Visit Arrows' website to sign up for a free trial →Meet Daniel Zarick: Follow Daniel on Twitter →Meet Benedict Fritz: Follow Benedict on Twitter →Listen to their podcast: Keep Going podcast →
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