Media Appearances

I enjoy connecting with journalists and storytellers. Below is a sample of some of these conversations and interviews over the years.

Video – Eastman Innovation Lab

My conversation with Farrell Calabrese of Eastman Innovation Lab at iMakr in London, England, United Kingdom about development of new polymers for 3D printing, and the balance between hardware, software, and materials in the 3D printing industry. I had the pleasure of speaking alongside Filemon Schoffer and Erik DeBruijn.


Video – TCT Magazine

My conversation with Laura Griffiths of TCT Magazine at CES 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA about a new product being released at the show, nGen filament by colorFabb made with Eastman Amphora co-polyester:


Audio – Colorado Public Radio

My conversation with Nathan Heffel of Colorado Public Radio in Denver, Colorado, USA about how Coloradans are using 3D printing, with particular emphasis on home and personal use of desktop 3D printing.

Find a link to stream online approximately two-thirds of the way down this page:

Audio – ProCO360

My conversation with Dave Tabor of ProCO360 in Denver, Colorado, USA about the 3D printing industry, our company, innovation, and open business practices.

Download an MP3 file of our conversation from Dave’s website: