My Traveler’s Notebook

I recently changed my notebook and am loving the upgrade. The notebook is made by a Japanese company named Traveler’s Company (formerly Midori).

I purchased a standard size Traveler’s Notebook with a camel color (cowhide) cover. It came in a nice cloth bag and neatly packaged materials, showing nice attention to detail by the manufacturer.

Traveler's Company notebook

Source: “Traveler’s Notebook – Package contents (camel)” © 2016 Traveler’s Company.

The notebook itself consists of a quality cover that you fill with replaceable inserts/fillers. You can use different inserts/fillers (i.e. types of paper like blank, ruled, grid) that fit the standardized cover size.

Traveler’s Company offers a line of accessories allowing the user to configure it in many different combinations. Here are the additions I made:

The company also has a set of helpful printable PDFs that are in the form factor of the notebook pages so you can glue them in to notebook pages for reference.

This may seem like paying a lot for a notebook, but paying a little extra goes a long way in terms of quality for something I use constantly. Totally worth it!


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